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Rana Stone includes a quarry and a factory. Rana Stone specializes in manufacturing and supplying Pietra grey marble block, slab, and tile. 50 years of experience in quarrying gives us expertise and knowledge to provide our worldwide customers with high quality Pietra grey marble blocks in different sizes. The very unique and scarce Pietra grey marble is exclusively found in Isfahan province in Iran. We have the biggest quarry of this kind of marble to ensure our customers that they can buy blocks without hesitation. We have never compromised the quality of our products. We believe in keeping the customers satisfied and providing them with products at a competitive price without sacrificing quality. We look forward to a long-term cooperation with our customers.


By having the biggest pietra grey marble quarry and a stone factory we can supply our customers with pietra grey (Armany grey) marble block, slab and tile in different sizes. Quarry's products vary from small pieces of rock to big blocks of marble. In factory different size of pietra grey marble tiles and strips are produced. We can also supply our customers with slab in different sizes. This type of stone is also known as Pietra grey marble, Lashotor grey marble, graphite marble, graffiti marble, grigio marble and Iran grey marble.


An amazing natural combination of black and white colors create an eye-catching pattern in this kind of marble that makes it suitable for installing it almost everywhere. Pietra gray marble is mostly used in floors, stairs and bathrooms but you can use it everywhere based on your taste and your building decoration.


With more than 50 years of experience in quarrying and using efficient equipment and machineries we can provide our customers with high quality blocks of marble. The only region in Iran that has this kind of gray marble is called Lashotor in Isfahan province and among all of the quarries available in this area we have the biggest quarry. So you can rely on us for buying block with no hesitation.

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Rana Quarry- Isfahan to Shiraz highway- Isfahan- Iran
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Koohi street- Hafez street- Doshakh Industrial Zone- Khomeinishahr-  Isfahan- Iran
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For English: +989132861689

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